Five things to consider when building games for future players

Benjamin Charbit shares the lessons he’s learnt about the audience Darewise Entertainment is targeting: Gen Z

Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise (@frenchbenc)
Darewise Entertainment’s free-to-play multiplayer action game Life Beyond is currently in closed alpha


People that make up Generation Z are social animals. What is exciting to us is that this generation is more likely to have friends that they have never met in real life. It’s not the “physicality” that matters but the shared interests, connections, and so on.

The claim for creativity



Gen Z moves with great fluidity between the digital and real world. They slip between communities and experiences with ease. Yet, we see the industry continue to build captive and closed experiences when the future audience prefers freedom of movement.


Previous generations have been more binary in their thinking. There is an inherent need to analyze, process the things of the world with dichotomy. Think work vs fun or work life balance or the digital world vs the real world.

What does this all mean?

There is a new generation of gamers growing up and soon they will be the largest group of gamers this industry has ever seen. And while the industry continues to build for the “average” gamer, we need to look to the next generation, to their likes and dislikes, the way they interact with and see the world around them and build for them.

We are developing Life Beyond, an interactive and socially-connected experience that goes beyond entertainment.