How to ‘role’ with it.

  • They are supposed to control an area around them and deal a lot of damage.
  • We also know that we want to have both melee and ranged combat in the game, so intuitively it makes sense for The Tank to be big and have a lot of weight to their movement.
  • The role will use brute force and hit things to cause big damage.

“Animation = Personality + Body Type + BIG VISUAL CUES.”

If someone is supposed to have a goofy personality then it should show in the way they interact in the game. It could be as simple as the way they run. If you have an evil enemy, for example, you wouldn’t want them to have a funny run, you would want them to be intimidating. There is always a need for synthesis between the character’s personality and its visual looks.

The Melee Brute is animated using Maya



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