Life Beyond recently introduced the Expedition feature to the game. The aim is to give players a sense of achievement by helping their teammates and pulling off a collective goal. The Expedition feature actively encourages cooperative play and gives players the chance to make big individual contributions. Keeping this in mind, we are now working towards the different roles that a player can have when they join Life Beyond.

We have taken our inspiration for roles in Life Beyond from classic MMORPGs. In MMOs players usually have to select a certain role like healer, crowd control, support, etc., and then…

Benjamin Charbit shares the lessons he’s learnt about the audience Darewise Entertainment is targeting: Gen Z

Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise (@frenchbenc)

Developing games requires an intimate understanding of your desired audience. That understanding is based on experience, research, concrete information, and some generalizations.

We all dream of making games that appeal to large pools of people. If we used age and gender as our barometer, which many publishers do, that would mean making games for 35 to 44-year-old gamers with a split that favors men more than women. But what about other gamers? Gen Z and beyond?

One of the reasons we decided to self-publish our game was so we could pick our audience. In our case, as you have guessed…

By Samuel Kahn, CTO at Darewise(@kahncode)

Me when we started Darewise. I looked so young!

The Story So Far

When I heard Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise and my partner in crime, saying we were going to launch our Massively Multiplayer Online game (or MMO for short, like World of Warcraft among many others) prototype in four months, I didn’t think it was possible. As CTO, I couldn’t help but think: “we don’t have enough time, or resources, to build a game in such a short amount of time!”. Needless to say we were astonished by our own results!

To say it was a challenge would be an understatement. Had we stayed in…

On what lies ahead and the things we’ve learned

I was pretty upset on Sunday afternoon when the restaurant downstairs had a loud band playing for several hours on end, right across the street from my apartment. While it eventually stopped before midnight, it took me even longer to clock that this wasn’t just some open mic or grand reopening party: on June 21st, 120 countries around the world celebrate Music Day. Confinement habits had messed up with my habits so thoroughly that I had entirely forgotten about a festival that originated in my own country and that’s always marked the start of summer.

Music Day in Paris. Agence France-Presse (2020)¹

In the city of light…

How we did it and what you can learn from it

Darewise at the start of 2020 was a rapidly growing start-up, with new team members joining its incubator in Paris regularly and a calendar full of social events to bring the team closer together.

When the lockdown hit, we were ready: the ones who could work from home would, and the ones who weren’t ready, we’d help with hardware and setup. On paper, it would work. We also quickly decided to keep on hiring and onboarding newcomers while remote. …


We are developing Life Beyond, an interactive and socially-connected experience that goes beyond entertainment.

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